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Guildwatch: Stuck in group 2

Mike Schramm

There's a new kind of Karazhan drama in town. By now, most guilds have worked their way through most of Kara-- even if they haven't downed all the bosses, they're at least getting there. But the new drama monster? Group 2. Yeah, it was hard enough for guilds to whittle themselves down to 10 players, and now they're finding themselves split in two. Who goes in Group 1? Who is forced to learn the whole thing again? And why do they get the good mage?

Ah, good times. For more drama, downing, and recruiting notices (including a special notice from my own personal guild-- at least, when I have the time to play with them), hit the link below. And send us your own tips, please, at Thanks. You'll always be our Group 1.


  • Winds of trouble are blowing through the Winds of War on Icecrown-A. They're running 3 teams through Karazhan, but it's more like 2 and a half, since some of the people are dropping out, saying they're done with Kara since they've cleared it. The GM has reported told people complaining to STFU (which is always a good leadership tactic), and our anonymous tipster believes a /gdisband isn't long away.
  • Merge Report: Sustainable Legion (who's appeared here before) and Sickofnoobs, both on Frostwolf-H, to form a nice 25 man team for raiding. They're also recruiting, we hear: two warlocks and prot warriors, a holy priest, a rogue, and a resto druid.
  • Oooh, this is nice drama. Every guild deals with raiding attendance, but Reviction on Shu'Halo-H dealt the whole deck of cards. When the GM showed up in guild chat on the night of their Magtheridon raid, the guild chat was full of "LFM ZF," because guildies were playing on their alts instead of going to a learning raid where they knew they'd have to pay 30g repairs and probably see one piece of loot drop. So the GM opened up a can and just started gkicking the lowbie alts and their higher level mains. The best part is the whole thing happened on Father's Day, so the story came out as "Reviction doesn't let their members spend Father's Day without raiding." Funny. In other news, they eventually downed Mag-- I assume that's even without the /gkicked guildies.
  • Guild Split: Shards of Azeroth and Shards of Kalimdor, both on Exodar, used to be the Alliance and Horde sides of the same guild, but they've decided to split up, and the Horde guild is changing its name to The Twilight Order. The Horde guild is also recruiting.
  • The GM of Dying Light on Maelstrom-A got bored with WoW, and did his guildies the courtesy of... dumping them without any notice whatsoever. They've reformed as the Order of Skull and Bones, and are also recruiting for a casual RP experience.
  • Finally, here's a guild forum thread (Edit: forgot the link, sorry) with a little bit of fun Kara group drama from Wildly Inept Raiding, a coalition on Earthen Ring. Basically, the leader switched around people in one group and not the other, and when asked why, he basically said "my raid, my rules." I didn't get into it much further than that (they're right in that they'll be laughing about junk like this when they down Gruul in a few weeks), but I do like the response to "your presentation is quite lacking": "I'll be sure to make a PowerPoint presentation for you next time I want to voice my opinion in a discussion thread." Guild drama in PowerPoint form. That would be awesome to see.
  • Dusk Til Dawn on Dethecus-H has cleared Karazhan-- across 3 teams. Wow, I wonder if there are any guilds out there who field more than 3 teams all the way through Kara. DTD is currently working on Gruul, they say, with The Eye and SSC on notice. Grats!
  • Maladomini of Kilrogg dropped Magtheridon and recently got Void Reaver to 44%. Gogo no attunements!
  • The Chosen Angles on Thunderhorn-A dropped Illhoof! I don't know if that guild name is a typo or not (that's how it read in the email), but if it isn't, and they really are called the Angles, that's awesome.
  • The Metal on Cho'gall-H has cleared Karazhan all the way up to Prince, all in their first week. Very nice.
  • Eternity on Silver Hand-H dropped Gruul and Maulgar within an hour the other night. They then headed into the Eye, but only got Void Reaver to 34% on try #3 before he enraged. Next time!
  • The Silver Guard, also on Silver Hand, got a second group into Karazhan, who downed Moroes. They dealth with making two Kara groups in an interesting way: members got assigned to the first group by officers, and then everyone else got in the second group.
  • Diener Der Elemente on EU Baelgun-A dropped both the Maiden and Moroes, but they say that after they killed Moroes and one of the adds, the other three killed them. Bummer, but you still got the loot, right?
  • Burning Twilight on Feathermoon-A killed Prince Mal for a guild first! Awesome.
  • The Attuned (server?) had to change their name after Blizzard dropped all the SSC and Eye attunments. No I'm only kidding-- they dropped Moroes and the Maiden also. Grats!
  • Blackguard Buccaneer is recruiting on Sisters of Elune for low to medium RP (that means RP encouraged but not required)
  • Ok folks, I'm telling you, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity here: You can raid with me. My guild, Gothic Bunnies on Thunderhorn-H, is looking for good, well-geared, fun-loving and laid back priests to help us out in Karazhan and beyond. Drawback: You have to deal with this uppity warlock named Hoffmeister, who's a nice guy and all but has an affinity for jumping on the heads of bosses in Molten Core and wiping the raid. I'm just saying. Watch out for that. Otherwise, my GM says to apply on the website. See you ingame.
  • Darkfriends on Boulderfist-H have a spiffy little site intro, but it's got typos in it, guys! Oh, and they're a relaxed, laid back guild that is starting up a Kara raid on July 6th.
  • Seekers of Lore on Gilneas-A used to be a strong 40 man raiding guild, but Karazhan drama has thinned their ranks. Officers are trying to get them back on track, and so they're recruiting tanks and healers off all stripes.
  • Infamy on Coilfang is recruiting tanks, healers, and anyone else level 50+ who wants to have a good time with them in the endgame.
That's it for this week's GW. Be sure to send all your guild drama (we haven't had any real ninja alerts lately-- have the ninjas given up?), downed, and recruiting notices to Until next week, happy raiding!

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