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It came from the Blog: Hide & seek, and this week's adventure


This last Saturday, the Undercity on the Zangarmarsh server saw an odd assortment of people running wildly amok. And no, it wasn't because of the Fire Festival or Apothecary Faranell's red light special on body parts. The onslaught of rampaging Hordies was purely made up of members of the Wow Insider guild, <It came from the Blog>, all out to hide and seek as best they could!

For the first round, Roark and Charcuterie agreed kindly to help me hunt down members of the guild. I'll tell you this much: there are some serious nooks and crannies in the Undercity. However... there are a few places you don't ever want to try to hide. Those hanging out under the elevators, in coffins, and most of the folks in the slime in the sewers were largely the first caught in the initial sweep. However, after a good half-hour of searching, there were five folks who were still nowhere to be found...

The five winners of the first round were:
  • Pyri - won by wedging her tiny Blood Elf body behind a large stack of crates in a very tight corner.
  • Gloob - managed to defy gravity and scale the green "stairs" by where you wind up if you portal into Undercity via Mage/Shattrath portals.
  • Handbanana - hid in the slime, but unlike his compatriots who were caught, he kept his name and guild-tag hidden by hiding in the slime and under a dock.
  • Belpheegor - craftily managed to get behind not only crates, but a curtain to do an excellent job of hiding himself.
  • Forum - pulled off the hiding trick that shocked all of us. Were you aware that you could hide your entire body and an extremely long guild name tag over your head inside one of the Abominations stationed around the Undercity? If there weren't people around to see him emerge from one, I'd have questioned it, but apparently you can indeed hide almost an entire full-sized Forum troll (and his tag) in Stitches. Who knew? (Although one could argue that a real-life person probably wouldn't hide in an abomination... Well, not while alive, anyway.)
Forum was chosen to be the "sardine" for the second game because of his off-the-wall thinking. The rules for the second game were a bit different, though. Forum had to find a good spot, then hide there, and as people found him, they would join him and fall silent. (Of course, silence around us lasts for about 2 minutes, maybe) I will admit that I was one of the last people to find Forum. Of course "one of the last" still included about 10 other people, so I was in good company.

Due to Forum's creativity in managing to not only stump the hunters in the first round, but also managing to find a good enough spot to successfully hide quite a lot of people from plain view -- he was rewarded with a [Blood Elf Bandit Mask] that had been lovingly farmed up by Mogwai. Others received prizes such as necklaces crafted by Zungaba, [Small Pocket Watch], [Mechanical Squirrel Box] and even some [Dalaran Sharp] imported from strange and exotic Alliance lands! If you were unable to make it, you can check out full screen shots from the event in the gallery at the end of this post. (More pictures coming soon!)

Now, on to the news that many IcftB folks are waiting for -- well, okay, other than that whole Tabard contest thing. This week, <It came from the Blog> will be hosting a Scavenger Hunt for all members! Now, as before, we'll be giving out fun and silly in-game prizes. Otherwise we have to pester Legal and explain why we need stuff to give away. While we love our Legal Team dearly, we save that bug-Legal-for-real-life-prizes mojo for the big stuff -- like BlizzCon tickets and Tabards! But to get back to the Scavenger Hunt...
  • The Scavenger Hunt will take place on Sunday, July 1 at 12:00 PM server time (2:00 PM Eastern)
  • The list of all the things will be read off in Guild Chat. There are 25 items on the list.
  • All methods of travel are acceptable with the exception of personal mounts.
  • You must take a screen shot of your character (personal name tag must be turned on in options) along with the item to be credited as having "found" that item.
  • Once you have taken all your screen shots, send all 25 non-edited screen shots to the guild mailbox at
  • There will be three winners for this competiton. First, Second, and Third place. It will be decided by time stamp on the mail and presence of all items/character with tag. In the event less than three people enter the competition... Well, I'm keeping the other prizes, because they're pretty cool.

If you haven't joined us yet on Zangarmarsh for some purely silly fun in WoW, what are you waiting for? Jump on, roll a character, and get guilded! Then you can join us this coming Sunday for an adventure that will involve many deaths, much crazy guild chat, and running to the four corners of Azeroth for prizes!

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