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Today in Joystiq: June 26, 2007

Ross Miller

Some of the more bizarre E3 swag from 2005 -- a pair of sandals -- care of then-USC student Daniel McConnell. Check out the highlights for today:

The B[ack]log: Katamari Do Your Best
Readers pick best webcomic: nightmares
Square Enix in your pocket: PSP edition
Today's potential franchise relaunch video: Crash Bandicoot
Xbox 360 goes disco at Bonnaroo

Soul Calibur IV to feature online play
Cave Story patch allows you to switch main characters
Hitman trailer: being bald never looked so good
God of War to use PSP's full processor speed
Rainbow Six Vegas expands yet again with Black Edition
The Darkness multiplayer trailer tears apart trash talker
NY Times: R-rated movies gorier than AO Manhunt
Bourne Conspiracy coming to Xbox 360, PS3
Wipeout HD on PS3 in 2007
Consoles make up bulk of high-def movie player sales
GameStop reaches 1000 stores outside US
Microsoft defending Xbox Live price
Hori supplies Wii with fighting stick
Assassin's Creed film contest announced
VTech report doesn't mention video games; PAC cries cover up
Episode 100 of Red Vs Blue closes the series this Wednesday
Vista-only Shadowrun cracked, playable on XP
The beauty of Kidman, the brilliance of DS marketing
Modder faces jail time for selling counterfeit games

Rumors & Speculation
Rare squashes Killer Instinct 3 rumor (that we didn't know existed)

Culture & Community
Sony's Three Speech launches podcast, takes cheap shot at Major Nelson
Calling 1-800 Magic, episodes 2 and 3
Transforming Transformer faceplate contest
Anti-drug ad implicates games' influence
Tricks & Tips Magazine gets shafted, editorial staff laid off
Final Fantasy party tonight in San Francisco
'E3 Up in Smoke' funeral could be the event of Min-E3

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