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Tips & Tricks Magazine gets shafted, editorial staff laid off

Jared Rea

One could make an argument that the writing's been on the wall for the plus thirteen year veteran of the magazine scene, Tips & Tricks, but not like this it wasn't. The story, as told by freelance contributor Jeb Haught, is one of shameful deceit and not at all deserved of the publication.

Thinking that they would be off attending E3, head honcho and porn-peddler supreme, Larry Flynt, planned ahead to lay off the staff this week while off promoting the magazine. So harebrained was this plan that Larry Flynt Publications sent "dear john" letters to Tips & Tricks freelancers a week early, thus spoiling the plot before it even had time to hatch.

Now very much aware of the situation, Tips & Tricks staffers will spend the rest of this week -- their last week, emptying out desks and picking up the pieces. Having spoken to those behind the magazine, fights for severance pay are true and everything else is touch and go.

Tips & Tricks may continue as a semi-regular cheat depository, but honestly, what good is that?

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