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Where is Rainbow Six: Vegas?

Peter Vrabel

Online retailers are either still showing the release date as June 26th, which was previously expected, or delayed until Thursday, Friday or even Saturday.

According to Gamestop's website, the game "usually ships within 24 hours," which generally points to the game being in stock at many stores. However, our local Gamestop in central New York says Rainbow Six: Vegas for PS3 won't be in stores until June 30th, at the earliest. Message boards across this crazy worldwide web are lighting up with tales of Gamestop employees reiterating similar tales, that the shipping date shows June 29th with expected in-store availability for June 30th.

How about other retailers? Best Buy online shows the game coming in tomorrow (June 27th). As is par for the course, their in-store clerks can only confirm its current absence in store shelves, without any further idea as to when the game will come in. Mega-retailer Amazon doesn't fare much better, showing its release date as June 26th with an 11-13 day shipping time frame. Yeesh. Sans an Ubisoft developer connection, it doesn't appear likely that gamers will be able to experience the PS3 reiteration of Rainbow Six: Vegas until later this week. Weekend releases are practically unheard of, but we at least hope this one proves true. Waiting another full week for some hot online Rainbow action? Too much. Now where's that copy of The Darkness ...

Thanks to all who sent this in.

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