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A whole herd of Tauren, fighting an instance of bosses

Mike Schramm

I love this-- reader David B sends us news that he was chatting with this Alliance guildies about what to call a group of Horde ("Hordies," of course, but read on), and they eventually came up with a list of collective nouns for the various player groups of Azeroth.

You know what collective nouns are-- like a gaggle of geese, or a swarm of bees. I've reprinted David's list below the jump, and I have to say, some of it is genius: "a blush of Blood Elves," "a den of rogues," and a "congregation of priests" are definitely my favorites. But there is some room for improvement-- "an annoyance of gnomes" is funny, but couldn't there be a better word for that? Maybe a "short stack"?

And there have got to be better things to call a group of Alliance and a group of Horde, so post your own ideas in the comments below. I have to say, though, "a murder of Murlocs" is just about perfect. Don't touch that one.

WoW Collective Nouns

By Race
Blood Elf - a blush of Bood Elves
Draenei - a blessing of Draenei
Dwarf - a clan of Dwarves
Gnome - an annoyance of Gnomes
Human - a community of Humans
Night Elf - a fellowship of Night Elves
Orc - an abomination of Orcs
Tauran - a herd of Tauren
Troll - a tribe of Trolls
Undead - a cemetery of Undead

By Class
Druid - a pride of Druids
Hunter - a lodge of Hunters
Mage - an illusion of Mages
Paladin - a banner of Paladins
Priest - a congregation of Priests
Rogue - a den of Rogues
Shaman - a surfeit of Shamans
Warlock - a coven of Warlocks
Warrior - a battalion of Warriors

Alliance - an alliance of Alliance
Horde - a hinderance of Horde

Boss - an instance of bosses
Murloc - a murder of murlocs

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