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Audio proof of one man's 11 dead Xbox 360s


As Microsoft dances around the Xbox 360 hardware failure class action lawsuit just begging to happen, 1UP has one more piece of "anecdotal" evidence to throw on the pyre. They offer up the tale of Justin Lowe and his 11 failed Xbox 360s. "No, that's impossible!" scream the fanboys in their best Luke Skywalker impression. Ah, but Lowe went ahead and got audio evidence to prove it's true. The recording (found below) covers his conversation with Xbox India support as they walk through every single one of his failed consoles. Although the recording is long and just goes through the motions, evidence isn't always sexy, sometimes it just proves a point.

Now, we're sure that Lowe keeps his Xbox 360 wrapped in an old shag carpet, standing vertically, in a room that has the humidity of the Amazon rainforest ... oh, and the electrical system in his house consistently causes spikes. Did we cover everything there? 1UP went through the motions, like every media outlet pretty much has done at this point, and received the standard wall of there being nothing wrong and that the newly installed heatsinks are merely part of the regular updating of components in consoles. As Microsoft previously asserted, they "do not provide details on these updates." Lowe, who is on console number 12 now, says, "I still like Microsoft, as much as that may astound people. There's no real hate towards the company for what I have experienced." And we just keep telling ourselves: Don't focus on failure, focus on repair.

Lowe Recording:

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