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Belkin's washable mouse and Mouse Trap


In the fight against dirty mice, one can never be too vigilant -- as anyone who has ever spent time carefully cleaning and drying their beloved input device will tell you -- but now there is an easier way. Like the IOGEAR anti-germ mouse we told you about, Belkin is getting into the cleanliness game with its washable mouse, a water-resistant, USB device that you can unplug and wash in your sink (or anywhere else you've got water), which should come as welcome relief to neat freaks everywhere. Of course, once you've got that thing cleaned up, you'll need something to carry it around in, so Belkin made the Mouse Trap, a mouse pad which zips up, allowing you to take your squeaky-clean peripherals on business trips. The washable mouse hits the streets in August, while the Mouse Trap is available now.

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