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Hitman movie teaser shows promise

David Dreger

The trailer for the upcoming Hitman movie hit the internet yesterday, and we've got the somewhat shoddy YouTube video above for your quick Schubert fix. IGN has some high res Quicktime and Windows Media formats that have less obtrusive watermarks. Timothy Olyphant dons the bar code as Agent 47, and while he's not exactly David Bateson, the voice actor from the games whom the character is also modeled after, we're confident in his potential to nail the part.

Our major glimmer of hope that this game-to-film may work is that like Hitman: Blood Money, the iconic "Ellens dritter Gesang" by Franz is present, accounted for, and always as moving and poignant. So, if anyone tries to tell you the song is "Ave Maria", quite simply, they're wrong. Perhaps we're overly optimistic because we were a fan of Blood Money and its well done Achievements, or because we actually thought Kelly was a badass character in The Girl Next Door, but this could go against the trend of game franchises becoming motion pictures.

[Via Joystiq. Thanks DjDATZ, Vik, & NitroFrost for being awesome]

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