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New shifty TimeShift multiplayer deets


IGN recently took a moment to talk to Kyle Peschel, lead producer of TimeShift, the upcoming time-bending shooter from Saber Interactive and Vivendi. The focus of multiplayer, according to Peschel, is customization. Players will be able to create and name their own special game modes, which they can save for later use. Several aspects of the game, from damage ratios to gravity to run speed, will all be adjustable by players. As Peschel put it, players can design a gametype just to "instantly offset their buddy who comes over who is nothing but a spawn camping whore." Sounds good to us. On time manipulation in multiplayer, Peschel doesn't go into details, but notes that time powers won't work exactly as they do in single player, as it's hardly fair for one player to freeze and entire field of players and wreak havoc. Hopefully we'll hear some more specifics on multiplayer time control soon.

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