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Sanyo Katana DLX hits Sprint developer site

Brian White

Although we don't think the original Sanyo Katana handset was the "RAZR killer" Sanyo had hoped, the struggling Japanese mobile phone manufacturer must be preparing an encore beyond the Katana II. The Katana DLX (aka, Sanyo SCP-8500) was peeped a few days ago hiding out at the FCC and now just hit Sprint's developer website. Is it about to be released? Probably, but let's move on. A rundown on specs shows what is becoming the Sprint standard for summer 2007 releases: EV-DO, obligatory digicam and videocam functions, Bluetooth, 320 x 240 screen resolution with 262k colors. Add in an 80 x 80 external screen resolution, microSD slot and 96 megabytes of onboard memory and we've got another decent handset for the Sanyo loyal. No word on A2DP support, availability or pricing yet.

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