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Sony Ericsson stops firmware development on P990, W950, and M600


If you have a misbehaving P990, your last chance at firmware salvation will be in version R6D23 released June 15th. Either Sony Ericsson has decided it really has gotten it right this time, or has decided it just can't be sorted, but either way the aforementioned mobiles development has ceased. There is some clarity available from a developer post at Sony Ericsson's developer forums, and the picture we wrangled is that due to memory limitations, not much more can be done, it's a hardware problem. It's a bit of a shame that the oft delayed, eagerly anticipated upgrade to the venerable P910 seems to have left so many feeling a bit burnt in the end. So if you have a P990 (the others in the list apparently aren't such troubled creatures) and can't get no satisfaction, upgrade it to the newest FW and if that's still a bust, move on to a P1.

[Via Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

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