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TBS's quasi HD network to launch September 1st

Ben Drawbaugh

Ever since Turner (also a Time Warner company, like us) got in the HD game we've had a love-hate relationship with them; not only do they stretch all their SD content, but they make things worse by claiming it's HD in the guide data. If you were hoping they would stop doing this, think again, cause it's getting worse, now that they're adding a second channel. Sure TBS HD will have some good quality HD when it launches in September like original programming and MLB playoffs, but they are sure to have plenty of stretched content as well, and they brag about it to Multichannel news by saying shows like Friends will be presented in HD. Sure, anything is possible, but considering Friends wasn't produced in HD, they'd have to go back to the source and convert the entire series to HD from film -- like Sony did with Seinfeld -- to make it happen.

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