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Today in Joystiq: June 27, 2007

Ross Miller

More E3 swag, this time care of Lampbane from E3 2005. This does not include the multitude of T-shirts also obtained that year. Check out the highlights for today:

Hollywood & Games Summit: Clive Barker is scary
Hollywood and Games Summit: crossing over from film to games
Today's scurriest video: Insecticide

Nintendo takes wraps off of WiiWare
Burnout Dominator ad pulled for 'encouraging violence'
PS3 firmware 1.82 on the way, adds AVC High Profile playback
UDON's Art of Capcom: 300+ page artbook available this summer
IGN provides BBFC primer for non-Brits
Japanese game pubs jumping from Sony to Nintendo
DoA movie even deader after arrival
RE: Umbrella Chronicles trailer, now in the English
Madden 08 pulls out its weaponry
Producer of '300' talks World of Warcraft film
Wii hard drive just isn't happening
Sony to cough up $8.5m settlement, devs finally get paid
NOA's Reggie Fils-Aime talks Manhunt 2, AO titles
New TimeShift details about shifting time online
Behold the wonder: God of War mobile isn't bad
Acclaim makes list of top guerrilla marketers
Pirates of the Burning Sea dev details SOE publishing deal
Majesco brings indie game TUMIKI Fighters to UK Wii as 'Blast Works'

Rumors & Speculation
Red Steel 2 confirmed and then denied
Analysts: games industry to overtake music industry

Culture & Community
Audio proof of one man's 11 dead Xbox 360s
A peek at the Atari Flashback Portable prototype
Slate: Serious games are seriously boring
Lara Croft opens women-only beach in Italy
Luminous PSP 3.50 downgrader released
Penny Arcade Expo exhibitor list unleashed

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