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Vroop's Liveboard: the retro Bluetooth baseball scoreboard

Darren Murph

Vroop's Liveboard won't win any awards for "world's largest" or anything, but if you're looking for an easier (and more decorative) way to keep a close eye on baseball scores around the league, you'd be hard pressed to top this. Designed after a timeless stadium scoreboard, this device sports built-in wireless capabilities that enable it to sync up with the included software in order to keep track and display real-time scores in MLB. Users can select from a trio of modes depending on what scores they'd like to see, and you'll even find a wireless USB adapter thrown in for good measure. Of course, those not interested in America's pastime may find the $299 pricetag a bit baffling, but for those sick of waiting for a ticker to reveal the home team's current status, this fee is completely justified.

[Via Coolest-Gadgets]

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