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Wii hard drive just isn't happening


If your Wii is getting ready to overflow and you're looking for a reprieve from Nintendo in the form of a hard drive, it's time to accept purchasing some extra SD cards and erasing VC titles. Even with the announcement this morning of WiiWare, Nintendo isn't planning on making a hard drive for the system and expanding their measly 512MBs. CVG asked Nintendo if they are making a hard drive and were given a very clear, "No."

For some, the 512MB hasn't been enough, but unless you've been on a VC bender, it's still pretty difficult to fill up. Although, this small amount of space really doesn't stand up well against obvious future issues, especially once the ball really starts rolling on the Wii and more space is required. We're still hoping to put VC titles on SD cards, but a hard drive has to be somewhere in the future -- unless they just go with a Wii 2.0 option.

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