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Apple employees to get free iPhones

Scott McNulty

Steve giveth, and Steve taketh away. Luckily, for Apple employees who have been employed by the fruit company a year or longer, Steve was in a giving mood. Our sister site Engadget reported that Apple was holding an all hands meeting helmed by Steve Jobs today. It would seem Steve wanted to talk iPhone (and who doesn't). Imagine the gleeful reaction he was given when he announced that all Apple employees (our source says both part time and full-time employees) that have been with Apple for over a year will receive a free 8 gig iPhone by the end of July.

Well done, Steve. What does this mean to you? I take this as a good sign that Apple was able to make lots of these phones, and they aren't worried about meeting demand, hence they can give them away in 4 weeks.

[via Daring Fireball]

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