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Codemasters says DiRT sold 500,000 in one week

Ross Miller

Behold the power of mud! Rally racer DiRT has sold globally 500,000 copies in its first week of release, according to Codemasters. The publisher cites statistics from web site VG Chartz that the Colin McRae-less US version was number one on the Xbox 360 charts, a move that is sure to get the NPD a little hot and bothered.

Speaking with Joystiq, VG Chartz president Brett Walton said that the 500,000 shipment figure "is likely to be a shipment figure" (i.e. Codemasters has sold 500,000 to the retailers, not necessarily to the consumer). Walton said that the sales were 110,000 in the US (70,000 for Xbox 360 and 40,000 on the PC) and around 150,000 total in Europe.

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