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GTA IV trailer 2: "Looking For That Special Someone"

The internet hasn't collapsed under the combined weight of millions of concurrent F5 keystrokes this time, so we can bring you the newest Grand Theft Auto IV trailer, titled "Looking for That Special Someone," without the need for torrents and other such nonsense. Tucked away safely after the break, watch as Niko Bellic hangs from helicopters, hangs from moving trunks, and just hangs out in general (with a gun of course). We're sure internet sleuths are already busy poring over the trailer frame by frame, but until they hand in their report, is their anything notable in this trailer? Us? We're fans of Niko's accent, it's adorable.

Update: Rockstar just sent out some additional facts on the trailer. Facts like:
  • All footage is captured in real-time on a next generation gaming console
  • It's running on Rockstar's RAGE engine, also used in Table Tennis
  • The game uses euphoria, a fully procedural animation package created by NaturalMotion
  • The music -- titled "Arm In Arm (Shy Child Remix)" -- is by New York City-based band The Boggs

Want to see a higher-res version? Check out the just launched

Want to see a higher-res version? Check out the just launched or check out the QuickTime version hosted by Rockstar.

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