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Nineteen more PS1 titles hit Japan


Okay, we understand Sony. You love Japan more than the rest of us. American gamers haven't had their hands on any new (or shall we say old?) PS1 releases for PSP play for months. Europe has a paltry five releases available. Japan, on the other hand, gets frequent, massive updates. Today's update is no different, as nineteen PS1 games were added to the archives:

  • AI Mah Jong Selection (hamster)
  • DEPTH (Sony computer Entertainment)
  • Gussun Paradise (IREM software)
  • Jet Moto (Sony computer Entertainment)
  • Jumping Flash! 2 (Sony computer Entertainment)
  • Major Wave Series: Puzzle Mania 2 (hamsters)
  • Major Wave Series: Zipangu Jima: Unmei wa Saikoro ga Kimeru!? (Hamsters)
  • Metal Slug (SNK Playmore)
  • Oasis Road (Idea Factory)
  • Panekit (Sony computer Entertainment)
  • Samurai Spirits III: Zankuro Musouken (SNK Playmore)
  • Samurai Spirits IV: Amakusa Kourin Special (SNK Playmore)
  • Spectral Tower 2 (Idea Factory)
  • SuperLite 1500 Series Cotton original (Success)
  • SuperLite 1500 Series Sanvein (Success)
  • The King OF Fighters '98 (SNK Playmore)
  • The King OF Fighters '99 (SNK Playmore)
  • The King OF Fighters Kyo (SNK Playmore)
  • XI [sai] (Sony computer Entertainment)
The US Store will update today ... any chance we'll see at least one new PS1 game?

[Thanks, Joe! Via Gamers-Creed]

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