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SiBEAM details WirelessHD-compliant WVAN technology

Darren Murph

We'll bet you aren't alone if you were starting to wonder if you'd ever hear from SiBEAM again, but after an extended pause, the company is back to fully unveil its WirelessHD streaming solution. Reportedly, the company has developed 60GHz chipsets for non-line-of-sight applications, and has also stated that its OmniLink60 wireless semiconductor technology would be WirelessHD-compliant and "deliver AV connectivity for wireless applications at the 60GHz band." Built using standard CMOS manufacturing techniques, this system will purportedly allow users to enjoy Wireless Video Area Networking (WVAN), which could consist of an HDTV, HD DVD / Blu-ray player, HD DVR, etc,. and while specific integration details were solely absent, the firm seems quite adamant that its newfangled technology will have no issues fitting in (whenever it actually ships, that is) with your current setup.

[Via ExtremeTech]

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