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Ask WoW Insider: Best DPS class?


Welcome to Friday -- the end of another week and time for another edition of Ask WoW Insider, where we ask the questions you want answered! Last week, we talked about what the best healing class was and this week we're considering a similar topic: the best DPS class. Today's question comes from Stèphanò of Aggramar (US), who writes, simply:

Which classes can dish out the most DPS and which ones make the least amount of DPS?

Good question -- and I'm betting that our readers are all going to have completely different answers for you. Rogue? Hunter? Mage? Warlock? Readers, which class would you say does the best DPS in Azeroth and beyond?

Ask WoW Insider loves getting your questions! If you have a question you'd like our readers to tackle, send them to ask AT wowinsider DOT com!

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