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Friday Video: Curiouser and curiouser


Selecting a video for this week's spotlight was somewhat difficult ... because we managed to stumble across some of the weirdest videos we've seen in a while. Take a moment to think about the magnitude of that statement. Around here, we spend all day immersed in the fruits of Miyamoto's brain (and other Nintendo goodness), and yet these videos were extra weird.

Hit the jump for the full array. And yes, we know there are even weirder videos out there. Please don't supply links; we're not sure our bruised brains could take it just now!

First up in today's parade of wacky is a clip from a TV show on which the DS game Observation Training gets a test drive by the members of Dreams Come True, a Japanese band. This isn't so much weird (except that it's Japanese television) as it is highly jealous-making. Wouldn't it be awesome if people sat around playing DS on American shows? Also, it's good to know pop stars can see things.

The next video comes to us from the UK, and ... well, all we really know about it is, apparently it's a video. We may not get it, but it's somehow oddly compelling, and seemed to fit today's (lack of) theme quite well.

Finally, since Dr. Mario is going to be an unlockable in Brain Age 2, we figured this old commercial was just about perfect.

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