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In The Line: Carrier poll

Dan Pourhadi

Fulfilling my duties as Intrepid Blogger, I took a quick poll of the people in line here at the Apple Store Oakbrook to see which cell carrier they're on, and if they're on another (Verizon, Spring, etc.), were they willing to actually cancel -- with the fee -- their contracts.

Of the 42 people I polled (i.e. those who didn't give me the don't-talk-to-me look of death), the results came in:

  • 27 people were on AT&T.
  • 8 people were on another carrier, but didn't need to cancel their contracts (either they pawned them off or were not on contracts in the first place).
  • 7 people were on another carrier and flat-out canceled their contract, fee and all.
  • 13 times I mistakenly said "Cingular" instead of "at&t".
  • 14 people have read and/or are regular readers of TUAW.
Please note that this poll is completely scientific and 100% reflective of the iPhone purchase demographic.

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