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My Date With iPhone


My soon-to-be date with the iPhone began innocently enough with the wanting. Then, obsession began to set in. Now that I'm actually in line, as of Noon Pacific time, waiting patiently at the Sherman Oaks, CA Apple store and "borrowing" a steaming cup of wi-fi, I can say my date has definitely begun in earnest. Although, as they say, waiting is the hardest part. As everyone knows, I cannot actually, formally begin my date until 6PM when the iPhone goes on sale. Until then, I will wait patiently in line with about a hundred others with similar obsessions to myself.

As I wait, several questions come into my mind. Why am I here? What will it be like when I first get my hands on one of those shiny beauties? Will there be enough iPhones for everyone (especially me)? And most importantly, shouldn't I be doing something else with my time instead of waiting in line for a phone? I don't know the answer because, as any good Psychologist would tell you, obsession isn't always rational. So, knowing I may not be completely right in the head, I will sit here, waiting, wanting, wondering, and hoping that once my iPhone and I are united, it will all be as good as I dreamt it would be. Until then, here I sit.

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