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Today in Joystiq: June 29, 2007

Ross Miller

E3 gear for Wili Hybrid: geek chic 2006 edition. Can't say the entire Joystiq staff agrees with the message, but to each his or her own, right? Check out the highlights for today:

Joystiq interview: Heavenly Sword's Nina Kristensen
Joystiq Podcast 010 - Banhunt 2 edition (feat. Chris Remo from Shacknews)
Off the Grid reviews Diceland
We play Crave's pre-E3 games so you don't have to

New Soldier of Fortune, with new dev, coming via Activision Value
Metroid Prime 3 box art battles evil twin
PS3 outsells Wii and Xbox 360 ... in Australia
GameTap Mac client delayed, possibly until next Thursday
Ubisoft pulls MindQuiz for offensive language
Reminder: Wii Opera browser grace period ends tomorrow
UK repair service Micromart refuses Xbox 360
Game Developer Census details nearly 600 companies in North America
Two Worlds is (apparently) the most epic RPG ever
Gamers don't use consoles as DVD players
Destroy All Human 3 invading consoles this year
Katamari-inspired indie game De Blob coming to Wii
The Darkness delayed for the Germans
GameVideos deconstructs new Grand Theft Auto IV trailer
Wendy and their 400 free Wiis, plus points and games
Geometry Wars on Wii and DS offer wireless downloading, shininess
Indie horror adventure Vigil: Blood Bitterness now on Steam
Shock and awe as RS Vegas Black Pack was meant to be free
Kongregate rolls out achievements for Flash games

Culture & Community
More Wiimote junk: 'Wii Cooking Mother Kit'
Steinberg giving away video game freelancer secrets
Could this Prime Minister hopeful beat you at Halo?
Heart rate sensor controls games' difficulty
Unleash the Fury, beta commences July 6
Bethesda goes bloggin'
DS stylus mod brings comfort to the big-handed

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