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Ubisoft pulls MindQuiz for offensive language


Ubisoft has pulled MindQuiz for its use of an "offending word" to people with disabilities. The BBC story never goes into what the word is, but apparently it was bad enough for Ubisoft to pull the Brain Age rip-off and spare not only the disabled, but the rest of gamedom from its offensive language and gameplay. The game was released in March of 2007 on the DS, but has been out on the PSP since October. Apparently the offensive term only shows up in the DS version.

The issue came to light after a woman who has two family members with cerebral palsy was playing the game and became offended, contacted a BBC radio show, and the ball got rolling from there. An Ubisoft spokesman said, "As soon as we were made aware of the issue we stopped distribution of the product and are now working with retailers to pull the game off the market." Looks like a word slipped by QA. We have no idea what the word is, but that's two British gaming scandals that took months to get themselves rolling. The fact that the issue didn't show up in the states makes us wonder if this is one of the Elebits to Eledees issues where the offending word is very region specific.

Update: Thanks to Darry for the image and clearing up the curiosity.

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