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Verizon's entire EV-DO network leaps to Rev. A

Darren Murph

In what's likely yet another futile attempt to steal some limelight from that other national carrier today, Verizon has finally enhanced "100-percent" of its EV-DO network to Revision A technology. Of course, some locales have been enjoying the Rev. A niceties since February, but now Verizon users coast-to-coast (those under an EV-DO umbrella, that is) can stop feeling envious and start enjoying the higher speeds. Interestingly enough, this news comes just days after the company lowered its BroadbandAccess rates and merely hours after throngs of AT&T users reported their EDGE speeds skyrocketing for no apparent reason. Verizon subscribers in EV-DO areas can now expect average download speeds of nearly 600kbps to 1.4Mbps, while uploads will top out somewhere between 500kbps and 800kbps.

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