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Bethesda shows off some Fallout 3

Dustin Burg

Our friends over at Joystiq got a chance to take a look at Bethesda's Fallout 3 and even though the franchise has been on hiatus for a while, the game sounds like it'll be sure to please. Fallout 3's story takes place 30 years after the previous in Washington DC based Vault 101 where you live among the many survivors. But then things get a little mysterious when your father goes missing, so you take it upon yourself to hack the computer system, open the vault, and crawl outside for the first time. The game is quite reminiscent of an Oblivion feel, but the overall tone, graphical improvements and odd weapons like the Suck-o-Tron give Fallout 3 a unique tone and a lot of promise. Go ahead and check out Joystiq's full preview and additional list of Fallout 3 factoids that they learned after grilling the Bethesda dev team. But don't get too excited just yet fanboys, because this little gem is slated for a Fall 2008 release.

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