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Puget Custom Computer ships pricey DDR3-equipped desktop

Darren Murph

You may recall Puget Custom Computer from its uniquely cooled machine a few months back, but now the boutique is hailing itself as the world's first company to ship DDR3-equipped desktops. 'Course, there's been a number of competitors to ship Bearlake boards in their own machines, but those with deep pockets and a lofty wish list can snag a liquid-cooled beast of a machine pre-stocked with Kingston HyperX DDR3 RAM modules and Asus' P5K3 motherboard. The machine itself can include just about any piece of hardware remotely available as of 3.49 minutes ago, but with a base price of just over $5,500, we don't envision too make takers on this one anyway.

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