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SCEA partners with Nielsen to track in-game advertising

Jem Alexander

Sony has revealed a new partnership with The Nielsen Company, who specialise in market research, in order to better track the success of in-game advertising. Initially being tested in North America exclusively, the partnership will allow Sony to monitor the reach, frequency and effectiveness of in-game advertising. Sony will share usage statistics from the PlayStation Network with The Nielsen Company, including which games people are playing most and what content they are accessing within Home, in order to better focus advertising efforts into the right people and areas.

Advertisers will be able to look at the collated data and decide for themselves where they would like to place their adverts. They will also be able to see exactly how those ads are performing. What this means to you is: not a lot. If anything, you'll end up seeing more ads that you care about, rather than ignore. We imagine this will become most prominent with the launch of Home, as it provides a much larger scope for advertising than the PSN does currently. Overall though, if in-game advertising is something we have to put up with, then we'd rather it be for a product we want to buy. This partnership should increase the chances of that happening.

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