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Sony's PlayStation 3 production problems are over


Though you might feel somewhat confused by the mention of PlayStation 3 production issues in the face of plentiful in-store stock, it was a shortage of blue laser diodes used in the construction of the console that delayed its European release and constricted its initial launch supply. (yes, they have a website for that sort of thing) reports that there is officially a shortage of shortages, with Sony's production line now churning out enough blue lasers for all its consoles, Blu-ray players and needlessly elaborate office parties. More specifically, 1.7 million per month.

A Sony spokesperson confirmed: "Production problems have now ceased, we're in full production as far as Playstation 3 is concerned and there's a steady chain of supply in North America, Japan and Europe." Though the production troubles may not have noticeably affected consumers in recent times, increased diode supply may yet lead to a reduction in manufacturing cost, from which savings could eventually be passed on to PS3 buyers. As if you didn't instinctually know already, the more blue lasers the better.

[Via GamesIndustry.Biz]

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