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The Joystiq Weekend: June 30 - July 2, 2007

Ross Miller

For promoting America's Army, personnel from the US Army set up shop outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center at last year's E3. (Image Credit) Check out the highlights for today:

Japaneses hardware sales, Jun. 18 - Jun. 24: Contra-diction edition
Joystiq First Look: Fallout 3
More Fallout 3 details than you can shake a nuke at
Podcast Rodeo for July 1: Head Earleader
Today's most impressively boring video: Automatic Mario
Today's most pre-alpha video: Call of Duty 4 multiplayer
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: 'Penny Arcade did it!' edition

NetDevil to revive sci-fi MMO as Jumpgate Evolution
Project Sylpheed: Space and inner conflict
Orange Box peels away to show actual cover
Smash Bros. Brawl to include Nintendogs, Hammer Bros. and Samurai Goro as items
New games this week: Ninja Gaiden Sigma edition
Super Mario Bros. 2, Ecco 2 and Dragon Spirit run/swim/fly onto Virtual Console
Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass launching October 1st
Metroid Prime 3 quietly delayed a week, try to remain calm
1UP: 360 football games to run faster than PS3
Advertising coming to Xbox 360 achievements
Co-opping a feel with Army of Two video
Sony's Phil Harrison: Don't judge console by launch titles
New post-beta Halo 3 details, screenshots galore
Sega: Better pricing will be key for PlayStation 3
Sony-made ISO loader discovered in new PSP firmware
Microsoft 'Bringing it Home' again for Min-E3
Nielson tracking in-game ads for Sony
This Wednesday: Missile Command defends XBLA
Majesco to localize quirky Wii game Furu Furu Park
Fatal Inertia hits Xbox 360 in September, 'delayed indefinitely' for PS3
Capcom working on new 2D arcade fighter
Former Ubisoft VP helping develop Fox gaming brand
Ocarina of Time voted 'Best Videogame' by Edge readers
Upcoming PC game download service to give away lifetime subscription
New N-Gage game coming to mobile phones and PCs
Bloons expands to include community features, level editor
Robbing a GameStop for the games of course
Sony's PlayStation 3 production problems are over

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Leipzig Games Convention may move in 2008
Rumor: The Darkness is the banned in Singapore

Culture & Community
Origami on your DS
Hide your PSP playing with a fake book, courtesy of Sony
Video table tennis + bicep curls = BioPong!

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