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Guildwatch: King me!

Mike Schramm

I think it would be really fun if, once you downed a boss like High King Maulgar, your guild got to run the instance for the next group coming through. As in, you all took Maulgar's place, and when the next raid showed up, they had to fight your guild. Sounds like fun, right? No? Ok, well, it was just an idea.

Meanwhile, click the link below to read this week's dose of drama, downing, and guild recruiting notices. My ideas might not be so great sometimes, but your stories of guild happenings around the world of Azeroth always are. Send your own to to see them here next week!


  • The Departed on Whisperwind-A just got a raiding team put together by their GM, and the main criteria for joining? "Loyalty," says our tipster. Apparently the GM didn't let anyone in who had alts in other guilds, which resulted in a raid full of "undergeared healers and DPS," and those with the gear considering an exodus from the guild. To top it all, apparently a Warlock friend of the GM who'd been in another guild previously, came back and got invited into the raid post-haste. "Loyalty," says our tipster, "be damned."
  • The Chosen Angles from last week's GW say they actually spell their name "The Chosen Angels." That's too bad-- I liked it better the other way.
  • I apologize for this tip, but it happens to be a happy ending rather than a juicy bit of drama (ugh, I know, I would kill for some terrific forum drama this week, but I got nothing so far). Legion of Champions on Kargath-A went through the requisite Kara drama earlier this year, in which a large group of guildies gquit to form One Day Heroes. But recently, they decided they needed each other for the 25man content, stopped flaming each other on the forums, solved their differences, and merged back together. They've even downed Maulgar and Gruul. Oh, come on. Can't one of you just ninja the guild bank or something? We need drama here!
  • An anonymous tipster from Sleeping Dragons in Aerie Peak-H says he's quit WoW for the summer (apparently "bikinis are better than WoW," but I don't know about that-- I don't look that great in a bikini), and the reason is because he's tired of his guild's drama: the RL and the Kara team /gquit, and the GM, left without a raiding team, is saying good riddance and "as far as im concerned , you go with'll never get an invite back from me!" *Shakes fist angrily*
  • This one's complicated-- it's like the family tree from Dynasty (eesh, don't ask me where that reference came from-- it just sort of appeared to me). So over on Aszune-A, things started with Rimfrost. They raided BWL and Naxx and all was good. But when TBC came, drama showed its ugly head, and players split into Righteous and Anything. After raiding began again in TBC, some leftover guildies reformed Rimfrost, but hardcore vs. casual drama split a part of them off into Postal. Then, one of the three Kara raiding groups also split off, due to accusations that their leader was trying to hurt the guild-- they formed up as Primordial. And finally, some people didn't feel comfortable staying in the guild after all that drama, so a few more people split off to form Gryning. I think that's everything. Oh, and our tipster says that if for some reason you still want to join Rimfrost (maybe just so you can fragment them into yet another spinoff guild?), you can apply on their website.
  • Maladomini of Kilrogg sent The Lurker Below back down there on their first night of attempts. Void Reaver also saw the wrong end of their pointy sticks. Grats! They're also seeking a few good paladins. Good luck with that one, guys-- IMO, all paladins are bastards. Stupid bubble.
  • Celestial Knights of Eldre'Thelas-A finished off High King Maulgar (pic above), and put Gruul on notice.
  • Sularus oth Mithas (server? faction?) dropped Gruul. Quote: "Yay!" They're not that talkative.
  • Chronos on Blackhand is a guild that's only a month old, and already they've cleared their way through the Chess event in Karazhan. Very nice. They're working on a third Kara group already, and would like a few locks and mages to come with.
  • Burning Twilight on Feathermoon is rolling all the way through Prince in 4.5 hours, which seems ungodly fast to me. Here's their video, which is very nice as well. But I'm sure people do it faster-- are you guys clearing Kara in one night yet?
  • Controlled Anarchy on Destromath-A dropped Gruul on their first attempt of the night, which pissed off their raidleader-- he had promised 10g to the raid if they one-shotted him. But here's what I want to know: 10g per person or to the raid as a whole? Because 10g 25 ways is kind of cheating on the bet if you ask me.
  • Vindicated on Andorhal-A has dropped the Crone and Moroes. They say they're "not Nihlium," but who cares guys-- you're doing great.
  • Pandemonium on Shadow Council celebrated their one month anniversary as a guild (lots of new guilds lately) by downing Prince. Grats!
  • Blood Reign on Blackwater Raiders-H dropped High King Maulgar, and thus became kings themselves! That's how it works, right? Hail BR!
  • Finally, here's a neat little story: The Brothers Grim on EU Ravenholdt is a 3 person (!) guild who's been playing together once a week for the past year-- just recently they cleaned out BRD (without killing the Princess), and Scholomance (including a guild first Headmaster down). Very awesome. But the obvious question, guys: what classes?
  • Mortal Wombats on Khaz'goroth-H says I didn't mention them, but I thought I did. Anyway, they're looking for prot warriors, paladins, resto druids, and rogues for Aus/NZ timezone raiding.
  • The Hired Goons is at Shade in Karazhan on Icecrown-A, and they want you to know they are desperate for priests and warriors.
  • Tranquility on Proudmoore is going through the Group 1/2 drama from last week, and they just need a few priests (and a paladin or two) to fill out their groups. Plus, in RL, their mage class leader is some kind of "office administrator" (I don't know either, maybe that's a new arena title), so she's probably really good.
  • Legion of the Eternals of Malfurion-A is recruiting all classes 35+ for pretty much everything-- raiding, PvE, and PvP.
  • Hexed on Undermine is looking for healers to help them with raiding SSC and the Eye.
  • Defiant on Moonrunner-A has some good tips for Group A/B drama: once your first group finishes Kara, split those people out into the other groups, and they'll make the whole thing better very fast. But guys, the problem isn't after a group has cleared it-- it's that one group is rolling right through it while the other group is stuck on Moroes. After you've got one group through it's easy to start two or three groups, but the drama comes while the big shots are in one group and downing Prince, and the undergeared are stuck at Opera and not getting shiny new gear. Anyway, they seem like a super guild anyway, and they're currently trying to fill a 3rd Kara group, so if you're 19+ years old and want Kara without the drama, hit them up.
  • Acid Reign on Rexxar says they want tanks-- and real tanks, not that Arms or Fury junk. You want to tank, you spec Protection, buddy. I'm not sure what their feelings are about bear tanks, but if you stock up on Savory Deviate Delight, maybe they won't be able to tell the difference. Or does shifting break it? I've never played a druid.
  • Horde Nemesis on Thaurissian is recruiting players 50+, all classes, to head towards Karazhan and beyond.
  • Initech (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Medivh-H desperately needs Holy pallies, resto shamans and druids, and warlocks for The Eye. They'll accept transfers, too. But don't you dare touch their stapler.
  • Thrilling Heroics is a "browncoat friendly" (crazy Whedonites) casual guild on Trollbane, and they're recruiting healers and tanks to round out their 25man group. You don't have to love Firefly, they say, but it sure helps.
That's it for this week's GW, and boy is it enough. Next week, a little less downing, and a little more drama, all right? I mean it-- go out there and really mess your guild up*. It's much more fun for the rest of us! HA! Until then, happy raiding!

*I am only kidding-- don't mess your guild up on purpose. Unless you really want to. And if so-- send us screenshots.

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