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New details surface on Sony's rumbling SIXAXIS

Darren Murph

Managed to not entirely forget that Sony owes us all a rumbling SIXAXIS or two? If so, you may actually be delighted to hear that the end result could be quite the device if whispers stemming from the latest issue of PSM France are to be believed. Reportedly, the forthcoming controller will not only sport a vanilla rumble, but it will also boast a "touch sense" feature that allows rumbles to emanate from specific locales on the device. Additionally, the shakin' is said to be "more powerful and more intense" than prior renditions on the PS2, which means that the 90-pound wusses in the crowd best get to the weight room, and programmers are purportedly working to enable shorter bursts of sensation to make even the most subtle of movements ones you can feel. Now, how's about a release date?

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