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Readers pick best webcomic: Undisputed Champion

Ross Miller

Most of you got the joke. Obviously, some of the commenters were a bit clueless, but 2P Start's satire Undisputed Champion took top honors as the most popular webcomic of the week.

For those of you who did not click on the "for context" link and were left in the dark: last week, 2P Start discovered our secret W.W.W. formula and decided to put it to good use this week. And, sure enough, the formula worked. Maybe you voted against it because it was asked in bold letters for you not to vote just below the comic and you did so out of spite. Regardless, a big thanks to Ray and Tim for basing a two-week strip on our little webcomic feature, we're as always a bit humbled.

Awkward Zombie took second place, but since it was a two-parter we're electing to call it two half-wins for the webcomic -- it's still cumulates to one whole win. Penny Arcade took third. A special nod goes to Weird Comix for good writing.

A note about the Fanboys strip: as I explained in the comments (and later linked in the post), a clerical error had caused the comic to be overlooked. Apologies to Scott Dewitt, it will be thrown into next week's runnings. Thanks to everyone who voted, and be sure to let us know of any game-related webcomic you stumble upon this week!

Here's the breakdown:

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