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    Asus' LED-backlit U1F laptop gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    While not quite as fancy as Asus' more recent laptops, the U1F does manage to cram quite a few niceties into a rather stylish ultraportable frame. The critical folks over at PC Mag were able to give this here machine a proper break-in, and the results are lookin' just so-so for those already close to pulling the trigger. First and foremost, the LED-backlit 11.1-inch screen was deemed simply "magnificent," but it wasn't immune to glare from stray light sources in the surrounding area. Additionally, the keyboard was knocked for being (understandably) undersized, and the omission of an integrated optical drive made them none too pleased. All in all, reviewers spent a majority of the time nitpicking this poor lappie and comparing it to more superior machines already in the market, so we'd give this one some serious thought before letting that oh-so-seductive display rope you into a purchase you regret.

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