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Australian game industry accuses gov. of 'serious neglect'


Despite being a country with "different business dynamics," the Australian game industry wants equal treatment to the film industry. The Games Developers' Association of Australia (GDAA) said in a statement, "The videogames industry in Australia is experiencing a serious fiscal inequity and imbalance compared to the film and special effects industry sector ... The Government is guilty of serious neglect of one of the fastest growing industries in the creative and entertainment sector."

Apparently the government gave a 40% rebate to film companies and the GDAA wants in on the action. Essentially the GDAA is fighting for the future as they envision around 20,000 people being employed by the game industry by 2010. We're all for a different country's sensibilities being mixed in with the glut of Japanese, American and the few British developed titles. Yes, we know there are American game development divisions in Australia, but that's not the same and we doubt that's what the GDAA is hoping for. We could use some original games brought to us by the country which blessed us with Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, Muriel's Wedding, Strictly Ballroom and (must think of something butch) Mad Max.

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