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Circuit City trims HDTV selection, blames 1080p for slipping sales

Darren Murph

To be perfectly honest, it's only disappointing that it has taken Circuit City this long to realize that relying primarily on the sales of highly marked-up HDTVs to boost its bottom line was a direful decision. Still, it is impressive to see the company finally break away from its past and "no longer regard TVs as the centerpiece of its product strategy." Reportedly, the firm will soon be eliminating many models from its floor, giving users fewer selections and aiming to sell more 42-inch and under models that may fall below the magical $1,000 price point. Interestingly enough, CEO Phil Schoonover was quoted as stating that his outfit had really been "emphasizing 1080p, maybe to its detriment," and noted that 720p ought to be "good enough" for today's modern shopper. Right, we're sure the plummeting sales have nothing to do with that Wally World across the way.

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