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Nintendo DS gets camera add-on, "Face Training" game


While some have already taken their own initiative to give the Nintendo DS a camera, it looks like the rest of us will soon have a considerably easier go of it, as Nintendo's set to release its own camera for the handheld, along with a game to take full advantage of it. The game, Face Training, is designed to aid you in the practice of "facening," Wired News reports, which supposedly improves your appearance through a series of facial exercises. Likely of more interest to most however, is the camera itself, which takes advantage of DS's GBA slot, with a stand also provided to give your arms a rest. Unfortunately, there's no word on any other uses for the camera just yet, although it would seem unlikely that it'd be reserved for just one game. Look for the game and camera bundle to set you back ¥4,800 ($39) when it hits Japan (and Japan only) on August 2nd.

[Via Joystiq]

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