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Rumor: Puzzle Quest coming to Wii?

Eric Caoili

The latest mumbling amongst mumbling folk is that a Wii release might be planned for Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. Amazon has listed a Wii version of the Bejeweled/RPG hybrid at a budget price of $29.99, due this September 25th.

So what can we hope for with this port? New content? Honestly, we don't expect much beyond bug fixes. Added waggle controls, then? Not if we're lucky. Online battles, at least? Though this is implemented in the upcoming XBLA version, and the new product page mentions the ability to "Battle other Warlords for supremacy via wireless multiplayer," this seems like a fool's hope. That bullet-pointed feature was most likely gleaned from a previous press release, and it seems far too early for a niche release on the Wii to support online multiplayer.

You'll find no truer friends of Infinite Interactive than us, but there are just so many ways a port like this can be messed up.

[Via Joystiq]

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