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Ask Engadget: Best wireless router?


We've covered this a couple times already on Ask Engadget, but it's always worth another go. Oh, and as usual, keep sending your queries to ask at engadget dawt com for answerin' by your peers. We were checking out media streamers a few week ago, and taking things a bit more basic with Brad who's looking for a new router:

"I have a Core Duo MacBook, and my mom has an iBook G4. We have a Belkin Pre-N Wireless router. The problem is that my internet is slow, which can't be fixed by my router, obviously, but also, there are points when my router just stops working, and I've tried getting it replaced, so I'm convinced it's the router. Any suggestions on alternatives that might play nicer with my Mac, in case that's my problem?"

Everybody gets a lemon now and then, which sounds like it could be Brad's problem, any recommendations?

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