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Eubiq's power track system trumps extension cord

Darren Murph

Eubiq's power track system is far from the first unique take on providing power elegantly to an array of devices, but we've got to give props to the unobtrusiveness this installation provides. The system can be mounted along essentially any wall in your domicile, garage, or office, and since juice is constantly flowing through the track, you simply plug in a proprietary adapter, twist, and enjoy your newfound current. Of course, if you're looking to use generally accepted plugs in your country, you'll have to pony up for adapters in order to make it worthwhile. Currently, Eubiq's not handing over any pricing details for you to inspect, but we can imagine that this here system will likely be reserved for the power-hungry and / or affluent sects whenever it lands.

[Via Wired]

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