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Euro Blu-ray sales up 1000% since PS3 launch


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced (via Pro-G) that more than 180,000 Blu-ray titles have been sold across Europe following a sales increase of over 1000% since the PlayStation 3's launch in March of this year. Sony is convinced that the surge in success for the high-definition format can be closely linked to the arrival of its all-singing, all-HD Console Royale.

"The launch of the PS3 had a tremendous impact on Blu-ray software sales across the board," notes Matt Brown, VP International of Sony Pictures, who goes on to confirm that the PS3 is indeed an entertainment device. "Recent sales figures are a clear indication that the PS3 is seen as an entertainment device." Expect these figures to be cited in the shouting match between Blu-ray and algebraically-proven HD-DVD, shortly before old-fashioned DVD threatens to turn the car around.

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