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Poll: Are you still having trouble finding a Wii?


We were cruising around the net, checking out this and that, when we stumbled over to CNN and found this story involving Wii supply and demand. We then began to wonder about you, fine reader, and your quest to find a console. We all know it's been tough since launch to get one, but we've seen stores in our area actually have consoles on the shelf.

So, we'd like to know if it's the same for you. Having trouble finding a Wii?

Still having trouble finding a Wii?
Yes, I've checked all the stores near me, and online, with no luck.
Nope, I nabbed a Wii right off a store shelf with ease.
Nope, got mine through an online vendor.
I have had a Wii for awhile now.
What's a Wii?

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