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A bot farmer commends Blizzard anti-botting measures

David Bowers

"Andeasdr" on the official WoW forums claims to be an American bot developer who works "for companies that cheat at WoW for a living." Apparently he is deeply bothered by all the complaining players do about botters lately. He claims that Blizzard is doing a lot to fight botters such as himself, banning 8 of his personal accounts and 200 of his company accounts, as well as dealing "lethal blows" to popular botter programs. He says we don't hear about Blizzard's efforts in this arey because they have to keep a lot of it secret. Finally he tells us how much he loves Blizzard games, tells us that Blizzard is one of the best companies when it comes to fighting botters, and thanks them for all their hard work.

If all that seems odd to you, you're not alone. Lots of people in the thread call him out for hypocrisy and contradicting himself. He not only plays a game that he loves and then hurts it at the same time, but he commends Blizzard on a job well done when he's the one that they're trying to put out of business. Some flatly say that he doesn't make any sense and that they don't believe him at all.

He replies to these accusations: "yes, it does seem hypocritical and conflicted, because it is. Struggling between what you're good at and what your concious says you should do is always quite the dilemma. I have my excuses I tell myself when I got to sleep at night, but doesn't change the fact I still know it's wrong."

After the first couple pages of his thread, however, he gets into the usual "your logic doesn't make any sense because your dumb" type of argument with other posters, and that's my main reason to suspect he's just a troller wondering how much he can get people to believe about his identity. Still, whether he is the real thing or not, I do believe that Blizzard for doing a lot of behind-the-scenes bot-fighting that isn't easy for them to discuss publicly. What do you think?

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