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Japanese hardware sales, Jun. 25 - Jul. 1: Slippery slope edition


And just when you thought things were going so well. This week's inescapably cataclysmic sales charts confirm what we've all suspected since 2004 -- the Nintendo DS is nothing more than a farcical fad. Microsoft may have waited until this week to deal with their Red Ring of Death problem, but Nintendo had best act faster to resolve their imminent Red Arrow of Debilitation plight. Even those with the most cursory of interests in hardware sales can see the deadly signs spelling out the end of Nintendo's touchy-feely technology: D-O-O-M. E.

That bonus "E" is there for a reason, wonderfully capturing the sound emitted by surprised Nintendo executives experiencing a rude awakening. It's the sort of wake-up call that transpires when someone replaces your pillow with a crocodile on the same day you decided to wear your special salami pajamas (lovingly referred to as salamajamas). Time to pack your bags and go home, Nintendo.

Okay, since you're already in Japan, just pack your bags. Pack your bags with demolished dreams and haunting regrets.

- DS Lite: 157,435 6,453 (3.94%)
- Wii: 73,919 8,337 (12.71%)
- PSP: 38,305 5,321 (16.13%)
- PS2: 16,316 4,354 (36.40%)
- PS3: 11,914 2,333 (24.35%)
- Xbox 360: 3,154 215 (6.38%)
- Game Boy Micro: 377 93 (32.75%)
- GBA SP: 179 49 (37.69%)
- Gamecube: 111 29 (35.37%)
- DS Phat: 45 15 (50.00%)
- GBA: 16 16 (N/A%)

[Source: Media Create]

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