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Land of the rising sun? More like land of the rising Sony hardware sales

Jem Alexander

If you'll pardon the rather heavy handed pun in the title, we can let you in on some choice information regarding Sony console sales in Japan. The week ending the 1st of July saw increased sales for the PS3, PS2 and PSP. We've collated all the interesting statistics into handy bullet points for you, so check them out below. All increases are compared to the week ending the 24th of June.

  • PS2: 16,316 sold. An increase of 26%
  • PSP: 38,305 sold. An increase of 15%
  • PS3: 11,914 sold. An increase of 20%
The rise in PSP sales can no doubt be put down to the recent release of Monster Hunter Portable 2, the latest in a series which has been a huge hit in Japan. The latest in the series hit the top spot on the Japanese charts, beating Wii Sports and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. We look forward to seeing how the game does in the coming weeks and whether it influences even more PSP sales. We'll let you know.

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