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Sanyo intros NVA-HD1700DT double-DIN navigation system

Darren Murph

Sanyo's taking a break from releasing all those projectors to focus on its in-car lineup, as it introduces a well-spec'd double-DIN navigation unit dubbed the NVA-HD1700DT. The head unit sports a seven-inch QVGA display, built-in DVD player and 30GB hard drive, and even a 1Seg TV tuner for catching up on sitcom reruns whilst stuck in traffic. Additionally, you'll find an FM tuner, 43-watt x 4 amplifier, and an integrated GPS antenna to keep you headed in the right direction. Unfortunately, there's no word on whether an Americanized version of this system will make its way over, but those in Japan can pick one up later this month for a staggering ¥285,600 ($2,332).

[Via Impress]

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