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Special Bungie goodies on XBLM tomorrow


Tomorrow, whether you know it or not, is Bungie day. Fans of Bungie will know that the number 7 has a special significance to the company and its games. As such, July 7 (7/7, get it?) has become known as Bungie day. Seeing that tomorrow is 7/707, this year marks a super special Bungie day (so special, in fact, that it won't happen again for one hundred years). To celebrate, some extra special Bungie goodies will be appearing on Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow. What sort of goodies exactly? We don't know. All we do know is that it won't be related to Halo 3 and is "of a more decorative nature." Naturally, we're guessing themes and gamer pictures. You'd better act fast though, as these downloadable morsels will only be available tomorrow. At the stroke of midnight, they will vanish into the intertubes.

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